April-June 1998

Volume 4Issue 2p35-66

Letter to the editor


Case study

Clinical decisions

Pediatric trauma

  • Guidelines for pediatric equipment and supplies for emergency departments

    • Committee on Pediatric Equipment and Supplies for Emergency Departments,
    • National Emergency Medical Services for Children Resource Alliance,
    • James Seidel,
    • Susan Tittle,
    • Deborah Henderson,
    • Dee Hodge III,
    • Vincent Garica,
    • Katie Sabato,
    • Marianne Gausche,
    • L.R. Scherer,
    • Michael Gerardi,
    • M Douglas Baker,
    • Steven Weber,
    • Irene Takahashi,
    • Evelyn Boechler,
    • Seigfred Jalalon
    Published in issue: April 1998

Computers in clinical care

Reports from the centers for disease control and prevention

From the food and drug administration

Trauma technology

Abstracts of the literature

Trauma news today