Emergency Nursing Review Questions: November 2021

      An emergency nurse is caring for a patient involved in an altercation where the discharge of a firearm occurred. What techniques performed by the emergency nurse suggest understanding of proper evidence collection?
      • A.
        Placing one sheet on the floor of the room to collect trace evidence from removed clothing
      • B.
        Handling bullets with a pair of rubber-tipped forceps and placing them in a gauze-lined, sterile plastic cup
      • C.
        Storing clothing, jewelry, and other general wear in a plastic hospital belongings bag
      • D.
        Suspending an applicator in a Styrofoam cup in the patient room and leaving the room to retrieve an envelope
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      Tyler Molleur, MSN, RN-BC, CEN, TCRN, NRAEMT, is a Clinical Educator, University of Vermont, College of Nursing and Health Sciences Department of Nursing Burlington, VT. ORCID identifier: